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Ready for Success?

Freshman Year

Life after graduation plan              

Know your teachers and leaders

Visit the library once a week

Visit College Career Center once a quarter

Develop & know your study habits.

Become a member of one school activity

Know and use academic resources, including the Writing Center and Learning Lab

Sophomore Year

Prepare for and take the ACT Plan test.

Create a scholarship vita to track your school accomplishments.

Visit the library once a week.

Visit the College Center once a month.

Start researching colleges & universities and attend one college visit. 

Know and use academic resources, including the Writing Center and Learning Lab

Junior Year

Meet with your counselor to review your courses for this year & plan your schedule for senior year.

Prepare for and take the ACT. 

Visit the library once a week and the College Center three times a month.

Update your scholarship vita to track your school accomplishments.   

Know at least 3 colleges you would like to attend.

Know and use academic resources, including the Writing Center and Learning Lab

Senior Year

Visit the library & College Center once a week.

Check on application & financial aid deadlines for the schools you plan to apply.

Prepare for and retake the ACT.

Know and use academic resources, including the Writing Center and Learning Lab

Apply to at least 3 colleges by October 15

Complete 3 scholarships by November 1


Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI) Information

Board ESI Policy

More Parent Information on ESI



Looking for Link Leaders and Link Ambassadors for 2018-2019 school year.


9th, 10th, 11th Graders for Link Leaders


Current 12th Grade Link Leaders for Link Ambassadors


There will be a Mandatory Meeting for Link Leaders, and Summer Training in August.


Appllications Due April 6.


Meeting May 1, 2018


It is time to apply for the 2018-2019 Student Council Officers, Representatives, and Bulldog Pride Team.


Applications are due March 30.


Mandatory Meeting April 2.

Posters should be up by April 6

All School Election April 11.


Please read the STUCO Constitution before you consider applying.


The People Next to you....


We need you to represent your Culture on March 30th, 2018.


Applications are due March 22, 2018


We are looking for:

  • Educational presentations,
  • culturally relevant information,
  • language education,
  •  and understanding the diverse population of our school.

If you believe that you can help in any way, please apply with the link below.


*Your application will not guarantee that you will present. All entries are subject to audition and editing if needed.  Thanks for your consideration.


Bulldog Calendar for Activites and Athletics!

Follow Bulldog Activities and Athletics by clicking on this link for the School Calendar of Events! Check back regularly for updates!!!!! http://www.kansascityksps.org/public/genie/465/school/5/


Get the Wyandotte High School Activities and Athletics Calendar on your mobile device with the FREE mobile app!!! Get the FREE rSchool Today App at:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/activity-scheduler/id877988259?ls=1&mt=8

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If you are concerned for yourself or a friend,

CLICK HERE to ask for help.

Wyandotte's Mission:

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